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"Thanks for the great advice on which plan suited me and my family the best.  It was easy to see which company offered us the correct type of protection once I had it all explained to me.  I can rest easy knowing that my family's health needs are taken care of.  Thanks."
William, Auckland.
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Protecting your Health


Protecting your Health

and the Health of your loved ones.

We all want to remain healthy but in reality that just doesn't happen.  At some stage we will all be struck down with some sort of injury or ailment.

This is when your planning comes into it's own.  With the right Health Insurance in place you will ensure that you are able to get the treatment that you need, without having to endure long public waiting lists.  And, if you can't work then Income Protection will keep the money coming in or you can have the mortgage paid with a Mortgage Protection plan while you are off work.

Often, health problems are thrust upon us with no warning, like heart attacks, strokes and cancer, a position that no one wants to be in but with the right Trauma Insurance in place you will be able to get an injection of cash that could help in letting you take the time you need to recover and not having to rush back to work.

And finally death.  We don't like to talk about it much but it is the one thing that will happen to us all.  So, in the event of your premature demise have a plan in place that will financially protect the ones you leave behind - and that's where Life Insurance comes in.

Get the protection you need to ensure that your life can continue on in the face of a major financial setback.  Let us help you put a plan in place that will meet your needs and your budget and let you sleep easily at night knowing that any eventuality is taken care of.




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Health Insurance!
Who needs it?
We all do.  Very few of us have enough cash on hand to pay for treatment in a private hospital.  Nor do many of us want to wait until the public system can take us.  Health Insurance enables you to rest easy and live your life with the knowledge that should you have the need for any medical treatment you will have the money available to look after yourself. 

Common questions
Q.  How do I know which Health Insurance policy is best for me?
A.  At Rely Limited we will always look at each enquiry separately and assess the needs for each client the same way.  We will make sure that the policy we recommend will meet your needs, today and in the future.
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