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"Thanks for making the process so simple and painless.  We are happy to recommend you to all our friends, as you will have already noticed.  Thanks for the movie vouchers by the way.  Keep up the good work." 
Ian, Manukau.
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Protecting you for Life


 Life is full of surprises,

re you prepared?

Accident or illness can put you off work for weeks or even months.  What if it is more serious than a few months away from your income?  What would happen if a major trauma struck?  Can you afford to get the medical treatment you need?  What about time off work? 

Who will pay the mortgage, rent, power, school fees, petrol etc?  So many questions!

Don't worry, we can put in place a protection plan that will provide a solution for every twist or turn. 

No matter what life throws at you we can offer a solution to meet your needs.  From making sure that you, and those you care about, receive medical treatment when and where it's needed with Health Insurance, to ensuring that if you are unable to work you can still receive an income to survive on with Income Protection. 

And, if a major ailment like cancer, stroke or heart attack strikes we can get you a lump sum payment with Trauma Insurance that could pay your bills and provide some financial security until you are well again.  But, if you are one of the unlucky ones who dies prematurely then Life Insurance will make sure those you leave behind are not financially ruined but can continue to survive because of your planning. 




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Do I really need Life Insurance?
Not everyone needs Life Insurance.  We look at each enquiry individually and we can advise you if Life Insurance is right for you.

Common questions
Q.  How much Life Insurance do I need?
A.  At Rely Limited we discuss with you what your Life Insurance can provide for and we then assess what your needs will be.  We don't have set amounts to insure people for.  We tailor each amount for every client, based on good advice.
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