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"We gladly recommend your company to everyone we meet.  We couldn't be more happy  because we have already  had the need to claim for an operation. Andrew helped us through the claim process and it all went smoothly.  Don't bother with anyone else, Andrew is the one to use."
Tanya, Henderson.
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Protecting the lives you Love


Those we care about

 need us to be there, always. 

When we find love we want to keep it.  We become very protective of those we love and we want to make sure we can provide for them.

We go to work and earn money to buy them luxuries and also to pay for the necessities in life like a mortgage or rent, power, telephone, groceries, school fees etc.

So what happens if you or your loved ones become ill or need medical treatment?  You want to be there for them again.  But can you?  Without any assistance can you provide the correct medical treatment for them?  Can you make sure that money still comes in to pay for the necessities like mortgage or rent, food, etc?  We know that you want to provide for them - you love them.  You want to make sure that they can have the best money can buy.  And, for only a small amount of money you can ensure that this happens.

You can provide for yourself and your loved ones with a simple protection plan.

One that provides Health Insurance to get the medical treatment needed, Income Protection to ensure that money keeps coming in when you can't work, and should you suffer a major trauma or die, then Trauma Insurance and Life Insurance will provide a lump sum to enable your loved ones to continue on as you would have wished.  No need to sell property, cancel schooling or disadvantage those you love.




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Let's protect those we love
Very few of us have enough cash in reserve to make sure that our loved ones will not be, in any way, financially disadvantaged because we become ill, cannot work, suffer a major ailment, require private hospitalisation or die.

Common questions
Q.  What is the best way to protect my family and loved ones?
A.  Together with Rely Limited you can  tailor a protection plan which will provide financially for yourself and your loved ones when you can't.  This package will meet your needs both in protection and budget.
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