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"There were so many different types of insurances available we didn't know which to choose.  Thanks for all your advice.  We certainly didn't get that from our last broker." 
Stephen, Hamilton.
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Business Insurance


 Which Business Insurance

is right for you?

As there are many different types of Business Insurance we need to find out what suits you best.

We can pay your fixed costs (rent, phone etc) 
We can pay the business an income if you can't work
  · We can pay the business an income if a Key Person
    can't work
  · We can fund a buy/sell agreement if a partner dies
  · We can fund a buy/sell agreement if a partner is
permanently disabled

There are also other more specific types of protection available for you to consider.  We want to be able to give you the best advice we can. 




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I can't work!
Can someone work for me?
Yes they can.  We can put in place a protection plan that will enable you to employ a locum to do the work for you, while you can't.  Or, we could have all your fixed costs like phone, power, rent, insurance and some wages paid for.
What happens if I die?  My partner can't afford to buy my share and my family can't help with the business.  We can put in place many different types of protection to make sure that your business, that you have worked hard to build up, still manages to keep working for you and your family.

Common questions
Q.  Will my Income Protection help my business?
A.  Often no.  Your business needs to keep running and your Income Protection will only pay you a portion of your personal income.  That won't be enough to pay for the phone, rent, creditors etc and still leave you money to live on.  As your business keeps running, it keeps incurring costs!
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