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Q.  How do I know which Health Insurance policy is best for me?

A.  At Rely Limited we will always look at each enquiry separately and assess the needs for each client the same way.  We will make sure that the policy that we recommend will meet your needs, today and in the future.

Q.  How much Life Insurance do I need?

A.  We calculate the correct amount by using a proven method to take into account each client's individual needs.  No two people have the same requirements so we will recommend a policy that will meet your needs, today and in the future.

Q.  How can I achieve 100% of my income if I suffer a major ailment?

A.  At Rely Limited we look at each client separately and assess their needs.  We can put in place a combination of Income Protection, Trauma cover and Total Permanent Disablement that can equal 100% of your income so you don't suffer any loss of earnings.

Q.  How much Trauma Insurance should I have?

A.  Everyone's requirements are different when it comes to Trauma Insurance.  Some want to pay the mortgage, some want two years' salary.  Everyone is different and all answers are correct so we will guide you in the right direction to make sure Trauma Insurance will do what you want it to.

Q.  How much Mortgage Protection can I get?

A.  Just as the name suggests, your mortgage is protected, so that is how much you get.  Depending on which company we use you can have the payments in advance or in arrears.  We look at each situation separately and then make our recommendations.  Some people are able to insure more than they earn with Mortgage Protection too.  Imagine that!

Q.  Do I have the correct amount of Contents Insurance?

A.  We make sure that you do.  Are you aware that the premium difference between $50,000 and $100,000 Contents Insurance could be as little as $5.00 per month!  When you deal direct with an Insurance Company they often don't tell you this and if you are under insured they may not pay out!

Q.  What happens if the cost of rebuilding my house increases?

A.  Most companies today offer a Full Replacement policy.  This means that they will repair, rebuild or reinstate your home to the same quality as it was before your claim.  New materials are used to make sure that you are not worse off.

Q.  Tell me, is cheap Car Insurance good Car Insurance?

A.  No, not always.  It is often the case that you actually get what you pay for.  When you have had an accident, or are about to make a claim, the last thing you will be thinking about is the saving you made with cheap insurance.  You want to know that when you make a claim it will be accepted and paid out promptly.

Q.  How do I know what to insure?

A.  We have experts who specialise in all different types of insurance and they will ask all the relevant questions.  You may not want to take up all that is on offer but at least you will know what is available to you.


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