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"I don't know what we would have done without your team being there to help us. Getting the pre-approval for my operation and knowing I was able to claim on my Income Protection at the same time was great.  My recuperation went much smoother knowing I was getting paid while I couldn't work."
Byron, North Shore.

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Health Insurance


What does Health Insurance do?

Health Insurance enables you to get the treatment you need when you need it and where you want it.  That leaves you with the job of concentrating on getting back to full fitness again.  

There are several Health Insurance companies in the market place offering different levels of cover.  That's where we come in.  We listen to your needs and then we recommend a plan that is right for you.  

More importantly though, when it comes to claim time we are there again.  That's our job, to make sure that your needs are being met. 

So, what is available?

The most popular types of Health Insurance on the market are as follows:

  ·  Hospital Only
  ·  Hospital Plus Specialist and Diagnostic Testing

With some companies you can also add a dental and optical package plus GP visits and prescriptions.  These can be very expensive and not cover you for much more than you pay each year. 

We make sure that the policy we recommend is suited to you.  We make sure it will do the job that you expect and want it to do.   

The companies that we deal with offer a 100% refund less any excess that you choose.  Excesses can be nil, $250, $500 or right up to $5,000 if you choose.   

We can help to advise what will suit you best. 



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Health Insurance!
Do I need it?
Very few of us have enough cash to pay for treatment in a private hospital.  Nor do many of us want to wait until the public system can fit us in, if at all.  Health Insurance enables you to sleep easy and live your life with the knowledge that should you have the need for any medical treatment you will have the money available to pay for it.  You will be looked after.

Common questions
Q.  Which Health Insurance policy is best for me?
A.  At Rely Limited we will always look at each enquiry separately and assess the needs for each client the same way.  We will ensure that the policy we recommend will meet your needs, today and in the future.
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