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"The storm damage has been repaired and we have returned to life as per normal.  Thanks for your advice and the ease with which we could claim." 
Roger, Albany.
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If you  have a
mortgage you need House Insurance
Imagine having to continue on with the mortgage repayments for a house that has burnt to the ground.  Sure, you can walk away but that leaves you with a bad credit rating and nothing to show for all your hard work.  House Insurance is too cheap not to have.  You can lower your premiums further by increasing the excess on your policy.
Do you have a rental property?  If so, does the insurance company know it is being rented?  If they don't, you may not be covered.
Common questions
Q.  What happens if the cost of rebuilding the house increases?
A.  Most companies today offer a Full Replacement Policy.  This means that they will repair, rebuild or reinstate your home to the same quality as it was before your claim.  New materials are used to make sure that you are not worse off.
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