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"Thanks for all your help and advice when it came time to claim.  Your help and support in guiding me through this was fantastic.  I was able to concentrate on getting better with the knowledge  I was getting paid while I couldn't work."
Patricia, North Shore.

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Income Protection


We can protect your income!

There are several different types of Income Protection available and we can assist you in choosing the one that is right for you. 

We will weigh up the benefits of Agreed Value versus Indemnity Value and advise what will suit you best.  It may be right for you to have a combination of Mortgage Protection and Income Protection.  Every person will be different so getting the best advice you can is very important.

Income Protection will pay you a percentage of your gross income while you are unfit for work.  It will pay you until you are either fit for work again or until the payment term runs out.  There is a wait period from the time you are off work to the time you can claim so we can advise what will work best for you.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that ACC will pay you until you return to work so you will be fine.  There are many more people off work because of illness compared to accidents and there is no ACC for them. 

We provide our recommendations from a range of different insurance companies thereby making sure that the Income Protection policy you have is the right one for you.  We match you up to the one that will meet your needs today and also into the future.  We don't believe "one size fits all" for our clients.  We listen and then advise.  That's how it should be. 



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Protecting  your       greatest asset,     your  income!
For most of us, our income is our greatest asset.  If you were to lose your income could you continue to cover the cost of your day to day living?  What about your savings for retirement?  Would that have to go on hold?  You would then have to try and make up those payments so you don't fall behind.  We can put in place a plan that could potentially pay you 100% of your income should you suffer a major ailment.  Would you want 100% of your income?

Common questions
Q.  How can I achieve 100% of my income if I suffer a major ailment?
A.  At Rely Limited we look at each client separately and assess their needs.  We can put in place a combination of Income Protection, Trauma Insurance and Total Permanent Disablement that can equal 100% of your income so you don't suffer any loss of earnings.

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