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"I am writing to thank you for the sincere compassion that you showed me and my family after the loss of our daughter.
Your professionalism was evident in the way you managed to handle all the necessary paperwork and get the wheels in motion so we did not have to worry about anything at all, other than ourselves.  It was a hard time for us all but having you  in our corner certainly made things easier for us."
Sam, Taupo.
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Life Insurance


How does Life Insurance work?

Life Insurance will pay either a lump sum or a monthly amount (you choose) on the diagnosis of a terminal illness or death. 

Not everyone needs Life Insurance but to see if you do - ask yourself the following:

   ·   Do I have debt (mortgage etc)?
   ·   Do I have family who rely on my income?
   ·   Do I want to provide financially for my family?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions then Life Insurance is right for you.

There are several different types of Life Insurance and we can give you free advice on what will be the best for you.  You deal with real people at Rely Limited who are trained professionals (not just an automated Life Insurance calculator). 

We use a variety of proven financial formulas to ensure that our clients are taken care of correctly.  We care about what we do and we will care about you.



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Life Insurance!
Is it right for me?
Life Insurance is for the people who are left behind. Sadly there are too many of us who die earlier than expected and who have not made provision for our loved ones.  If you care about those who would survive you, and you don't want them to be financially disadvantaged, then Life Insurance is for you.

Common questions
Q.  How much Life Insurance do I need?
A.  At Rely Limited we can calculate the correct amount by using a proven method which takes into account each client's individual needs.  As no two people have the same requirements the policy we recommend will meet your needs today, and in the future.
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