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"I had no idea that I could have my mortgage paid while I was off work on ACC.  If I hadn't let Andrew know I was off work I wouldn't have been able to make a claim.  It certainly made things much easier for me until I retuned to work.  Thanks Andrew for recommending this cover to me, your advice has been great."
Lindsay, Otumoetai.
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Mortgage Protection


 Keep paying the mortgage!

For those of you who want to make sure that the mortgage keeps being paid when you are off work, this is the protection for you.  Remember the bank will still want their payments regardless of whether or not you are working.

It's easy to calculate what you need (your mortgage repayment amount) and simple to understand.  You know exactly how much you will be paid and have the peace of mind knowing that the bank won't call asking awkward questions.

If you are receiving ACC payments don't worry, Mortgage Protection will still pay your mortgage - right up to age 65 if needs be!

There are several different companies to choose from and we can advise which will suit you the best.



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Can't work?
Have your
mortgage paid!
Wouldn't that be nice.
  Not having to worry about being able to make your mortgage payments while you are sick or on ACC.  Mortgage Protection helps many people make sure that they don't lose their homes because they can't work.  And you have the option of adding Redundancy Insurance so that if you are made redundant you can have the mortgage paid then too, for a limited period of time.

Common questions
How much Mortgage Protection can I get?
A.  As the name suggests, your mortgage is protected, so that is how much you get.  Depending on which company we use you can have the payments in advance or in arrears.  We assess each enquiry separately and make our recommendations based on your situation.  Some people are able to insure more than they earn with Mortgage Protection too.  Imagine that!
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