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"Thanks for helping me to organise my  redundancy insurance.  I didn't realise it was so easy.  Thanks for your advice, it made all the difference."
Clive, Helensville.
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Redundancy Insurance


How secure is your job? 

With the current economic climate we find ourselves in Redundancy Insurance is a must for all employed people. 

No-one is safe from the threat of losing their job, through no fault of their own.  Whether you are a senior manager or one of the workers on the ground floor we are seeing all sectors of the job market being made redundant.

Redundancy Insurance will pay you up to six months after a one month wait period.  There is a stand down period before you can claim, once you have taken the policy out, so don't delay in getting this important type of protection.

As Redundancy Insurance is a mortgage protection based product you must have a mortgage before you can apply for this type of insurance.

The amount you can insure depends on your income and your mortgage repayments.  We will be pleased to quote you on your individual cover. 

When you click on "Get Quote Now" select the Mortgage Repayment option and enter in the "Any Questions" section that you are looking for Redundancy Insurance and we will quote you on that. 

Don't hesitate in getting this important cover to protect you, your mortgage and your family.



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Made redundant?
How soon before   you work again?
One month?  Two months?  Longer?  With the current economic climate people are remaining out of the workforce after a redundancy for many months.  Would you be able to make the mortgage payments or even keep food on your table?   Just how secure is your employment?

Common questions
Q.  How much Redundancy Insurance can I get?
  Each individual client's situation is very different but roughly you can insure either 40% of your gross income or your monthly mortgage payments, whichever is the least.
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