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"You made getting the correct protection that we needed so simple.  Thanks for  guiding me through the process."   
Emily, Tauranga.

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Protecting your Wealth


 You work hard for your money,

let us help you keep it.

We are not talking about investments - that's putting your hard earned money at risk!  We want to make sure that all you have worked for you get to keep, no matter what happens in your life.

You can put your assets at risk in many ways.  A common event which can do this to you is illness or accident.  Your ability to earn a living is probably your greatest asset.   Think about how much money you would earn in 10 years.  Now, if you couldn't work where would that money come from?  Savings?  Not many people have that level of savings available to them.  If you were not earning an income could you provide for yourself or your family?

There is no need to leave this to chance.  With Income Protection we can make sure that you will receive an income until you reach full fitness and return to work.  This will mean that you will be able to pay your mortgage, or any hire purchases you may have, as well as continue to buy groceries each week and pay for power, gas and phone.  Makes you realise just how important your income is - especially when you don't have it.

Perhaps you might need an operation to get you back on your feet.  Or, you might want to improve your quality of life by having that hernia, knee or other operation that you need. Public waiting lists mean that you may never actually get the treatment you need.  Health Insurance will enable you to get it without having to either dip into your savings, borrow the money, or endure the pain of waiting for the public system to "get to you".  The best time to get this protection is when you are healthy and don't need it.  Sounds crazy, but often people want Health Insurance when something has gone wrong with them and then it's too late and they can't get it.

Sadly, we will all die and some of us will unfortunately die prematurely.  So to make sure that those that you leave behind are not financially disadvantaged Life Insurance will take care of your loved ones and also protect your assets.  There is no need to make your loved ones sell your assets to make ends meet, a simple Life Insurance policy could mean that those surviving you will be able to maintain their lifestyle after you have gone. 



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Is there really a need to protect my income?
Your income is your greatest asset.  Lose it and you lose the ability to pay for mortgages, credit card bills, power, food, school fees - to name but a few.  Make sure that you can continue to provide for yourself and your family if you are unable to work.

Common questions
Q.  Won't ACC look after me?
A.  ACC will only pay you if you have an accident.  More than two thirds of all people off work are off because they are sick.  No ACC payments for them.  Sometimes there can be a significant shortfall between your salary and any ACC payments.  We can help you by recommending  the best policy available.
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